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    For East1600 (and IronWarrior)

    The GOAT (warning - explicit lyrics) 2001 Hurricanes

    Some guys of note - #20 is Ed Reed, 88 is Shockey, 5 is Andre Johnson, 31 is Phillip Buchanon, 2 is Willis McGahee, 28 is Clinton Portis, 51 is Jon Vilma, 17 is DJ Williams, and the most dynamic RB in that video is #32 - Frank Gore (pre-ACL injuries). Amazing to see how he used to run compared to now.

    Edit - forgot Roscoe Parrish. And the Gore plays start about 2:30 in against WVU.
    ******* no1 still beats the 95 huskers no one even came close to beating them

  2. I respect that position, East.

    But - really. That offense was totally one sided. I know Coker was/is an idiot head coach - but Randy Shannon was/is a helluva defensive mind.
    You expect those white WR's to gain much of any yards receiving on Ed Reed?

    You know - that guy in the Pro Bowl?

    Seems like Jon Vilma had a pretty good idea how to play the option in 2001, eh?

    How 'bout that D? I saw some good pash rushers - Bryce Paup for one and some good run stoppers - but I didn't see any LB's big enough to hang with Shockey.
    And no safety big enough either.

    What of the DB's? Andre ABUSED the NU secondary in the '02 Rose Bowl. Pretty sure he'd have a damn good chance to do the same against those '95 guys.

    Look - Osbourne was a damn good head coach. He'd have a HUGE advantage over Coker.
    And - yes, 95 NU beat the hell out of everyone.
    Miami 01 had some close games.

    Think of it this way though - when the players were motivated enough against what they felt like was a big time opponent - they had similar results as that 95 team - 22 point win over FSU, and combined 120-7 win over top 15 Syracuse and Washington.

    That is the difference in the final score's of 95 NU and 01 UM. If Coker had pressed the team to play harder - you'd have stopped watching the Rose Bowl mid way through the 2nd quarter (when it was already 37-0 and the players pretty much packed it in because Coker let 'em).

    The fact that 01 Miami even went undefeated with the likes of Coker as a head coach should really render this whole argument moot.
    That's like adding points to the other team's score before kickoff.

    What the hell do I know though? I should just let the names on the 2001 team speak for themselves. Hell - like 5 or 6 of them are in the Pro Bowl right now.



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