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    I just watched Undisputed 2 with him in it, and this guy looks like he could easily compete in a bodybuilding contest, and thats good for an actor/master martial artist. Would you say he has 17'' arms? He's fast too for a big guy.
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  2. The dude has definitely put on some size since he played "Spawn", and that bad computer in universal soldier 2. Arms I'd say are close.
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  3. Yeah, he is good friends with Troy Alves.

  4. Well then that explains it.LOL
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  5. Hello everybody, this is my first post. Was wondering if anybody has a post here on what this guy's workout consists of. Anybody have one for Van Damme too?


  6. Don't really know, but I do know that the Universal Soldier 2 dvd had a little extra feature showing White's training for the movie. Might want to check it out since it's only about 5.99 at walley world.
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  7. Thanks for the reply. Actually, I just got that movie last night and watched the features. He goes into really no detail on what he does or diet. Just says when gets close to I think he meant the movie, that he has 70% protein. Also said he changes his workouts everytime but not into the reps sets concept. I will go with what I got though.


  8. Yeah, I didn't think it had that much detail. It was just the only thing I could think of that had a little of what you where looking for.
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