What does PH stand for???

  1. Chemo?

    Ok, I’m a little confused as to what “pH” means. I’m assuming that you are referring to the acidic level? If so then how is the pH adjusted? Why? When?

    Is it necessary to adjust the pH level for a liquid solution the same as for the gel? This brings me back to the question of why is a liquid even converted to a gel in the first place… ?

    Also, I see the “PH” used a lot on this site and I originaly thought it was referring to “Pro-Hormones”. Obviously I am no chemist, so can someone clear this whole (pH, PH) thing up for me?

    I’m really interested in this whole homebrew idea and I would love to bring some new found knowledge over to my homeland Meso! (www.Mesomorphosis.com) I’ve got a lot of ideas and I appreciate your help on this guys. –Your Endo

    P.S. can someone give me the link to ‘clerk2togo’s’ original thread on how the “Perfect Homebrew” formula got started? I heard it was on bb, but I cant seem find it.

  2. Ph can refer to either Pro-Hormones or the acidity/basitity *spelling, it is to early * oh a substance. Context will let you know. Usually if they are talking about the amount of ph in a substance it is pro-hormone if they are talking about the ph of a substance it acidity.

    Peace, and try the search function for curt's post.

  3. Re: Chemo?

    Originally posted by Your Endo

    P.S. can someone give me the link to ‘clerk2togo’s’ original thread on how the “Perfect Homebrew” formula got started? I heard it was on bb, but I cant seem find it.
    LMAO @ curt. Dude I never knew that it used to be clerk2togo's!! So your a clerk where togo's are sold and the 2 stands for what? Like a drive through feel?? Bahaahwhwhwaaa. "Clerk-2-togos" how can I help.

  4. I will let that one slide.. clerk2togo ?????? .. hehehehe.. In this case pH refers to acidity level. You do not need to adjust it in the liquid version(which is the best ) but you MAY have to for the gel version. The reason for this is if it is off the gel will clump up which is no good... You can find the 2 threads over at bb.com .. 1) perfecting homebrew and 2) homebrew perfected.. Do a serch and you will find them...

    Also here is the link to the other thread read chemo's responce he tell exactly how to gel it.. I have never geled mine and I don't think i will . Liquid in a spray bottle is the best...( hehehehehe) .. TTY

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  5. Liquid versions are only best for electrical engineers...chemists prefer the higher performance gelled versions


  6. Its electronic engineer.. Its a tossup but the gel is less messy. From what I hear. but most of us canucks use the spray... TTY

    PS To tell you the truth the reason I don;t gel is I'm lazy... heheheh
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