My temporary relief of gyno (puffy nipples)

  1. My temporary relief of gyno (puffy nipples)

    18 years old, 5 7' 180 lbs. Suffer from gyno, been working out 2 years. Know this gyno is from puberty, never did any pro hormones or steriods. My nipples are puffy, although my chest is rock hard. It doesn't matter if I'm cutting or bulking (although i'd have to say it looks worse when im cutting). It's the one self concious thing i have about my body, i think about it everyday, and i hate it. I'm preparing for competition in spring/summer 08 and this is NOT going to go well with that.

    Ive tried 6-oxo. It does reduce the puffyness and size of my nipples by about 20% when im on it, but when im off it goes back to normal size.
    Then i read something about turmeric and rebound xt stack. I'm currently on my second week of 3 pills a day Rebound and 7.2 grams turmeric. Ive seen no difference so far.

    So onto the temporary relief. Icy hot. I rubbed it around and on my nipples, and although they are uncomfortable, they are hard. when my nipples are hard my body looks a lot lot lot better. I'm unsure how long it lasts, but I know that if this turmeric/rebound doesnt work, im gonna be packing ICY HOT in my iigloo next time i go to the beach. ive also heard preparation-h does this also????

  2. True those can help. Prep H is good for puffyness but both are temporary. That ICy hot has to burn on the nips.. ouch

  3. do you take in a lot of caffine? i read in the "serm inverse to atd" thread by dr d that caffeine can cause puffy nipples because of the glands in the nipples or something i am prob mutilating this but try cutting out caffine

  4. This puffyness has been happening for the past two years bro
    Ive eliminated caffiene already because of a mass sweat problem that runs in my family..i get waterfalls under my armpits in the dead of winter an hour after taking a shower. i have that under control however.

    the gyno sucks because i can be under 10% bf and have a nice 6 pack..and have ugly huge puffy nipples

    but the ICY HOT made my nips hard for about 40 minutes to an hour

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