The Cause of all the sickness

  1. The Cause of all the sickness

    Hey guys I didnít see any threads on this so i thought i would start one. I was looking at nicks havoc log and saw that many people had the same symptoms that i had right after thanksgiving. I thought it was food poisoning it lasted for about 3 days and i was throwing up for like 8 straight hours and I was dehydrated, muscle aches and all that good stuff. Then when i returned to school my little bro came down with it and a day later my other bro got it, then my Dad got it. My Mom works at the hospital and told me that there was a whole part of the hospital closed off because of this new virus going around called Noro virus, here is what I found out about it. This seems be what everyone has because all the symptoms seem to be the same.
    Here is a link Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Respiratory and Enteric Viruses Branch

    I am not a doctor but it makes sense.

  2. i read an article about this particular sickness and it seems that the best way to combat it, according to the article, is to simply make sure tha tyou are washing your hands throughout the day. it is a virus and not bacteria so therefore they do not have medicine for it. i thought that it was interesting.

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