Best Metal/Rock band for the gym..

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  1. Whats your favorite music for the gym? or even just out and about?

    Well we pretty much know everyone loves Metallica but what are your favorites for the gym? or just your favorites period...

  2. im a hip-hop lover. only metallica and some older altnernative music (nirvana, pearl jam, and other bands i grew up with ....offspring, soundgarden) are the ones i enjoy while lifting. as for hiphop, ill go with Tupac, Nas, biggie, 50, Wu, Em, most death row and Jay-z for my choices.

  3. I like:
    Static X
    just to name a few

    call me a sissy but i really like alot of the hair bands of the 80's
    Motely Crue
    Yeah im 34 so i grew up with all of that....

  4. Disturbed
    Limp Bizkit
    System of a down
    Linkin Park
    God Smack
    Foo Fighters
    Finger Eleven

    And more...

  5. I really like old punk like
    Dead Kennedys
    The Stooges

    others include

  6. pantera
    superjoint(phil's other band)
    rage against the machine
    bump on the static x goodguye,heh

    anything that gets my blood flowin, adrenaline pumpin, and puts me into a barbarian kinda mood.

  7. Slipknot.

    Thats all u need.
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  8. RATM, Disturbed, Tool, 12 Stones, any Rap Metal, etc.

  9. Tool

  10. I like everything above, great stuff. Disturbed has been in constant rotation for me also. Anyone hear Evanescence (the one with the girl singer...the single was from the Daredvil soundtrack)? Good ****, and she's hot as hell

  11. I love Evanescense just not what I would consider workout music. I have burned one CD so far of them and love it. Their older stuff is very good as well and yes, she is hot.

  12. i cant get that song (evenescense)out of my head, they play it non stop here on the radio but i still think its wicked. i agree not quite gym attitude though..

  13. hatebreed, rammstein, slipknot, pantera, slayer (god hates us all album is great), mudvayne, metallica, tool, superjoint ritual, down, RATM, etc.
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  14. Well I''ve converted to a Trance/Techno lover but for pounding out hard sets nothing beats Metallica or Korn. For non metal stuff I'll toss in Eminem, or Tupac. Nothing beats trance for keeping you going on the treadmill though.

  15. I enjoy the backstreet boys and new kids on the block. They really get me going. Seriously though I have issues and deep seeded anger so I listen to Marlyn Manson and some Rob Zombie.

  16. metallica is no doubt the best metal band ever..motley crue, skid row, GNR, audioslave to name a few

  17. hell yeah, Breu kicks it 80's glam metal style... kickstart my heart eh? .......... oh **** you forgot Bon Jovi! come on now, "shot through the heart..!".. heheh




    System of a Down


    Evanescence (leaving the gym... her voice is too damn relaxing)



    met and rage are faves though

  18. hey like i said anything 80's rock i listen to. i get on kazaa and spend the whole day downloading that stuff. sometimes i go to work and pick everyones heads to try and remember all of the 80's bands.

    im gonna have to look up some of these that people have wrote about, some i have never heard of.
  19. Frankie
    Frankie's Avatar

    The System - Channel 82 on XM Radio, the Satellite Radio service.

  20. Chimaira, slipknot, ill nino, killswitch engage, otep, lamb of god, just for starters, I'm leaving out a ****load.

  21. Scotty2
    Otep is crazy. They are definately one of the hardest bands I have ever heard and their singer is a girl. They friggin bring a gutted pig onstage during their shows. They are nuts.

  22. I'm sure noone could guess my favorite but here it is:


  23. Originally posted by Biggs
    hell yeah, Breu kicks it 80's glam metal style... kickstart my heart eh? .......... oh **** you forgot Bon Jovi! come on now, "shot through the heart..!".. heheh

    BON JOVI IS THE MAN!!!! i'd love to see him in concert..just not thinkin thats why i forgot him..

  24. I like Slipknot, Ill nino, Snot, system of a down............... Everybody looks at me like Im crazy cause you can heard my music through my headphones from about ten feet away



  25. Originally posted by jminis
    I have issues and deep seeded anger so I listen to Marlyn Manson and some Rob Zombie.
    I recommend Nine Inch Nails to bring out that wealth of hate that grows so deep inside you.


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