Working Out in Runner's Shorts?

  1. Question Working Out in Runner's Shorts?

    I'm a 20 year old sophomore in college. When I go to the gym to weightlift, I also like to run treadmill. I have these Nike Runner's Shorts that I'd rather wear although they are quite short. The fabric doesn't flop around near as much with these. Do you think that it's okay to wear these to the gym or will I get weird looks?

    Here are two pictures of the exact pairs I have:
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  2. If your walkin around arm in arm like those two, yeah you might get wierd looks.

    When I am doing a lot of running I like soccer shorts which are pretty short. I could care less what people think while I am at the gym.

    If somebody says something, just drop the 110's on his head Alpha style.

    (If you are really worried, wear some warmups over the top while working out and take em off to run)

    P.S. My shorts are hot pink and I tie my tshirt in the front while walking around with pursed lips. Don't even get me started about my legwarmers.

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  3. Uhhhh - that's sorta gay for someone under 45 or so.

    Just use basketball shorts to lift & run - that's what they are made for

  4. Anyone looking at you wierd is not concentrated on their workout half as much as they should be.

    Even if people look at you wierd, there is no such thing as bad publisity. I mean TO gets beef from the media all the time, and hes jersey sells like crazy.

  5. Yeah - that's true.
    I've just been jaded with all the old dudes that don't give a flying F about their balls hanging out the bottom of some poor excuse for runner's shorts in the locker room.

  6. i am pretty concentrated on my workout but when i see a guy running in short shorts of any type or wearing biking or running shorts so he can admire his pathetic leg pump while he squats 135 i feel sick to my stomach and i accidentally slam down the 110's and almost injure my roid monkey chest. juice up or shutup and stop wearing the biker shorts im on 1 gram of test and the women admire my roid monkey balls.....woa i passed out for a second what did i say?

  7. What about for tennis? Are they okay for tennis class?

  8. I guess - but I've got no clue about tennis. Never played.

  9. dude wear whatever you want

  10. Yup, who cares, wear whatever you want... function over fashion.

  11. The shorts are fine.

    But IMO probably best to leave the volley ball at home.

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  12. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    The shorts are fine.

    But IMO probably best to leave the volley ball at home.



    but yeah man...just don't let ur balls hang through....bottom line is just have some support for the boys. Wear the shorts, i mean i hope ur not free balling while wearing them. If not screw it...

  13. B4n3 0n3
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    Hey man as long as your throwin the 110s down hard you can wear whatever you want.

  14. Yeah, who really gives a sh*t was others think. Your not there to socialize anyways.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hamper19
    My name is Voit....Dumbass. Family Guy FTW!

  16. Just don't play tennis.

  17. I wear jeans to the gym sometimes..if you can wear short shorts anywhere why be scared to wear em to the gym?
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  18. We were doing some NBC training that is now required because of 9-11. It was summer and very hot outside (100 +). The first day is class room and the second you have to suit up and do some basic moving around, searching…. Anyhow we were told go ahead and wear shorts if you want because in the suits it’s hotter then hell.

    Here it is the following day and one of the guys, in his 40’s shows up in what looked like the same gym shorts he had in middle school. Real short with piping around the seems.

    His new nick name is “Nutty Jones”

    If you plan on doing any bench work I’d get longer shorts.


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