1. stump

    hello all,
    stump here, i come from a bunck of different boards looking and trying to learn as much as possible.
    been lifting for 20 plus years and running cycles for 10 plus
    i don't know everything and i don't claim to.

    i am over taken by the size of the board and its people so please excuese me if it takes me time to get around and figure things out.

    i am possitive i wil learn a thing or two and just maybe be able to help back in return
    thanks for having me here

  2. Welcome
    Recent log:

  3. Dude, where you been ????????????

  4. Welcome.

  5. Hi man, with a name like stump you should defintiely address people in the first person. "Stump don't like you." " Stump thinks prld2gr8ns is annoying." Etc, etc.

    Welcome aboard bro.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. fit i have been every where and now i come to learn form all of
    and yes with a name like mine i do get that kind of attention

    plus being 5'4 and 285 pounds helps a little


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