Quick Thanks To Everyone Here

  1. Quick Thanks To Everyone Here

    Hey guys,
    I know this thread is in the SUPP section and isnt exactly supp material but I have no idea where a thread like this goes. I have recently started posting on here after being just a reader for a couple months between you and the forum at bodybuilding.com. Id like to commend you all though on the way you all handle yourselves on here towards newbies and others asking questions. Bodybuilding.com has got alot of arrogant *******s in my opinion over there who criticize more then anything. Thanks again for all the advice and help you provide in this forum for all. Happy Holidays

  2. Glad you're having a good experience here....remember to treat others the same way.

  3. get the f*ck out newb

    haha glad you like it here man

  4. Jayhawkk will be here shortly to take all the credit.

  5. yeah yeah those big bodybuilding.com ppl are such big meanies! i was like hey, hey peace bruddas. and they was like,"who dat is u talkin bout" and i ran away after that and never looked back

  6. You ****ing newbies are invading, leave ! (j/k) I try to be helpful with newbies because I used to be a newbie


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