Robbed at the Gym

  1. Robbed at the Gym

    For those of you who do not know me I am a orthopedic surgery technician. I also do vascular, cardiothoracic, general, urology, and other services as well. I have been doing this now for three years.I have a BS in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Spanish. My training info is currently I stand at 6'1" and weigh 160lbs give or take a few and I am 23 years old. I trained for four years in hs and took a 4 year break while in college and just recently started training again in late April. I have put on 20lbs in 6 months and continue to get stronger and more developed. Anyhow, Thursday I stopped by the gym to workout after a long day. I was there for about an hour and fifteen minutes. As I reached my car something appeared to be wrong. It was dark and noticed my window open and something on the ground. I saw that it was glass. Someone had shattered my window and stolen my car stereo. Some jackass had smashed my window and stole my stereo fairly clean with no cut wires. I went back in side the gym and told them what had happened to say the least I was pissed. I called the police and waited for them to arrive. I filed a report and told him what had happened. I don't know if I will ever get my CD/MP3 player back but I was more pissed about someone shattering my window. I now have to go through the hassle of getting it replaced. It is not worth filing on my insurance since it would almost be the amount of the deductible. It just pisses me off that some jackass would do this. I don't know if they needed a quick buck for the holidays or would turn around and sell it for drugs. The kicker of it all is that my CD player stopped working last week after a piece of paper got stuck in the CD player itself from a CD a friend had made for me. So they got nothing more than a radio. It isn't the first time someone has had a radio stolen there have been a number stolen from the same parking lot and even a motorcycle stolen out of the bed of a truck. There isn't any lighting in the parking lot of the gym or any security. I guess this is the price that we pay for living in this country. Hopefully, the perpetrator will be caught and the stereo found. I want retribution it at all possible. Other items from within the gym have disappeared as well including gloves and weight belts. Guys post if anything has ever happened to you at the gym from being robbed to having a car broken into.This can be a place to vent against those idiots who think they can get away with this kind of crap. Talk to you guys later and will let you know if I learn more.

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  2. Hey Dar.. check you policy on the window mine has a no deductible for glass breakage. Sorry about you getting robbed.


  3. Yeah, that sucks bad.&nbsp; I never got ripped off at the gym, but I had a headlight, taillight, and bike tool stolen off my bicycle in a Toys 'R Us parking lot, of all places.&nbsp; It was fairly well-lit, too, but there's a thick line of trees bordering the lot, with some private residences on the other side.&nbsp; I'm mad because I can't afford to replace it all, so I've been riding at night with no lights, just hoping I don't hit a pedestrian or get run over.&nbsp; If I had the money, I'd get a camera and a telephoto lens, and put my bike out again as a decoy, while wishing it wasn't just a camera I was aiming at the *******.

  4. if that gym has a history of theft problems, i would feel unsafe leaving my car there, especially if there's no lighting. i would look for a better gym that at least cares about their customers welfare. maybe they're too cheap to add lights.?

  5. That sucks man, that's happened to me. They smashed my window for an attatched cell phone, and didn't bother to get the battery or mic for it. Stupid crack heads probably.

    Anyways, I've got one of those viper alarms with the window break sensor now, and an internal speaker that is super high pitched. Its just a little microphone that sits under the dash, and if it picks up glass breaking (its a certain Mhz) then it will start the alarm. Then, the internal speaker is so loud its physically painful to your ears to listen to, so they won't be in there for very long.

    Since I've had it, I haven't had any more break ins (knock on wood). But I know how much it sucks. The police won't find it, they'll just finger print the car, and ask you for the serial number of the unit incase they find it, they can prosecute the guy (highly unlikely).

    But, I recommend the Viper alarm system. Its cheap, and its a good system. Good luck!

  6. Hey Matt I already did I don't have one. It would have to covered under my comprehensive. It is not that the gym is a bad place is just easy for someone to get in and get out without people seeing them there are woods to run into and one can make it out of the parking lot without someone seeing them. I do agree though it needs some lighting. Sorry to hear about your bike man that sucks too.

  7. i can understand your extreme fustration w/ this situation. i wish there was something more i could do besides let u know how sorry i am and remind ya the if ya find em' we'll watch ur back while u beat day a$$!!!!!

  8. Sorry for you loss, I have one experince similar, I have my window broken for a couple of quaters that were visible in my car, and also long time a go I used to own a Suzuki car 1987 to be exact or better know as GEO, and some one stole the glass of the hatchback, after that got an alarm sensetive to movement and park the darn thing&nbsp; back against the wall . At time what really hurt the most is that you have to go to the hassle fixing the car.&nbsp; So, my insurance is more expensive that the value of my car, do not leave anything visible, has an alarm and club lock, and do not put any type of expensive gismo to attract thiefs. That just me that live in&nbsp;high crime area.&nbsp;


  9. Well guys I do have somewhat of an update. On Monday I am having someone come to my house and put in a new window. I did not know the did home delivery for that but they do. Everyone I talked to wanted to know if I had found a lower price and that they would beat it. Well for $157 I have a new window. I still have the factory radio and will probably get it reinstalled and just listen to the radio for awhile since it only has a tape player. Thanks for the support and posts guys. I appreciate the support.

  10. My father just had his $1500 dollar laptop stolen out of his garage back home a few weeks back...&nbsp; Pricks.. I wish I woulda caught em...&nbsp;

  11. Yeah I had this happen to me twice so far.

    Once was right outside my house, the other time was in the gym parking lot. Around here there was a time when no gym was safe. At least two gyms were being hit in the area daily. The guys at the gym my wife works at had to actually do parking lot rounds for a while so that the members would shut up. Finally the cops caught the f*(kers after about a month.

    People hit the lockers at my wife's gym from time to time too. One of the guys that works there got his laptop taken right out of a locker. Never caught them.


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