Need help here with T-1 pro and Surgery

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    Need help here with T-1 pro and Surgery

    I'm going to have a minor surgery, it'll take around 25 minutes but I'll have to be under anesthesia(spelling?). I dunno when it will be, the doctor told me they'll call me and let me know 2 weeks before. I am going to start a t-1 pro cycle the 1st of June , so for a month I'll be cycling. I am not sure but they should call maybe in the middle of June. What should I do? Should I cycle but take off 2 days, day before surgery and after?? Or not do it at all? The doctor asked me if I was on anything....I can't tell the guy I'm gonna cycle with t-1 pro, would it be bad if it was in my system if I went under? Will it hinder results if I stop for 2 days???? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

  2. Why can't you tell the doctor your on T-1pro. It's legal.

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    well the surgery is going to be a rhino something, I forget the medical term but it's a short 25 minute surgery in my nose to remove a cartilidge, I think it was because I was punched akwardly in boxing but I'm not 100% sure, if it was serious then I would consider not taking t-1 pro but since it's minor I need some opinions. Once I get the surgery done and I wake up I can leave the hospital.

  4. Will the mounties? (sp?) haul you away or something? I would rather tell him in case (slight chance) he knows of something at least then if you wake up drueling out the side of your mouth for the rest of your life you can get some cash.
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    hmmm true, but I think if I stop the day before(not spraying because I use a transdermal), that it will clear my system because I gave it a day and I would use it the day after my surgery...

  6. Don't you guys have Doctor-patient confidentiality.
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    Ya I'm stupid. Well I thought of that but even that I want to keep confidential after reading the "STICKY" that wardog left(wargod?). Even the docs I gotta be sketched of.

  8. It's not illegal for personal use either way, i wouldn't be worried to tell him if i were you, i told my doc that when i was on ph's but i'd be hesitant to say i was juicing.

  9. The Doc might tell ya that it's not good for your body but just tell him hey buddy neither are the pain killers you just prescribed me.
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    thanks guys for the advice! Ur the best


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