Recommend a good Photoshop guide?

  1. Recommend a good Photoshop guide?

    I'm dabbling in photography and the learning curve in photoshop is a steep one. Can anyone give me a good choice in a beginners guide to phtoshop?

  2. Not one in paticular but the tutorials in Photoshop are very helpful, I'm sure you could get one of those Photoshop for Dummies : Jayhawwk edition (larger font and pretty, colourful pictures).

  3. Barnyard animal edition

  4. Well, if you're into that kind of thing...

  5. Oh damn, you just reminded me about cow tipping...try to find a cow that's sleeping and push it over, I betcha can't do it.

    Also I need to get Photoshop, this Mac sucks for editing without it.

  6. Cow tipping is so passe...It's all about Camel mounting!

  7. I don't know if you know of a Chapter's store. Take a look there. I bought a great guide for flash ActionScript. They have all the guides to learn, and tutorial books. My book is made by Adobe Press itself, so you are really learning from the people who designed the software

    Hope this helps man.

  8. IDK, maybe if the camel was flying a helicopter and you where on a moped...then it would be interesting. Throw in a small car full of clowns chasing you and you've got yourself primetime tv.

  9. Sounds like good TV right thur!

    And thanks Jjohn, i'll see what we have.

  10. No prob bro


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