research article presentation

  1. research article presentation

    hey all, for my class im doing an oral presentation/summary of a research article relating to weight training, cardio, nutrition, or supplements.

    the site we are to pull from is

    anyone have any ideas for topics to speak on...preferably controversial to make it entertaining? it has to be a summary of an article from the site.

    i dont want to do the same old creatine b.s. that half the class will want to do.

    input welcome, ill post what i decide on if anyone cares.

  2. If you want to make it controversial than do it on Pro-Hormones or Ephedrine based fat burners. A good one which I used last semester was about obesity rates in children.

  3. i think another kid is doing ephedra....unless i can find one thats pro all of the studies i find about ph are at silly dosages.

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