Nelson Montana

  1. Nelson Montana

    his book..."the bodybuilding truth"

    crap or not?
    all ive been able to find out is that he stirrs up a bunch of crap on

    also curious, anyone read anything of mick harts?

  2. After going thru some of his (Montana) posts on EF and, I don't buying his book would be a good idea to say the least.

    I don't know about Mick Harts book.

  3. i went through more posts and came to the same conclusion....good marketing/writing skills though.

    still curious if anyone has seen/heard about mick harts laymans guides for steroids.

  4. All I can say is I've enjoyed not seeing his posts on the last few weeks.

  5. haha i hear you....sounds like many would share your viewpoint.

  6. i cannot stand the man,hes obtuse and im surprised he can get his head out of his own arse to write anything but thats just my opinion


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