thats a sweet bike !!!!! WOW!

  1. thats a sweet bike !!!!! WOW!

    Here guys--
    Bddaddy is trying to sell this bike --

    Very nice....

  2. Very sweet bike, but I don't care for the paint. I much prefer the normal red/white or the blue/white. I'm actually selling my CBR on Friday so it even hurts to look at bikes at the moment

  3. ouch!
    yeah the traditional colors make more sense to me to, love the red and white on my RR.
    Sorry to hear that you have to sell your bike, hopefully you get a new one soon, go for the hayabusa

  4. I sold my 2000 Gixer 750 at the start of the summer. House reno's. Really sucks but I WILL get another one.... hehehe. Talk to ya.
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  5. ow ow GSXR 750, sweet bike, when i bought this one, was debating between this (954RR) and 1000.

    Very nice bikes !! hope you get a new one soon, i heard the new R1's are unbelievable, need to ride one soon!

  6. I have my eye on the new CBR 600 RR. Undertail exhaust, massive swing arm, redesigned Very sweet looking bike, and they even offer it in BLACK. That would be very sweet. Check out a couple pics.****1148.topic

  7. oh my god that looks nice, the one i really liked at a recent bike show was teh VFR 800, that was unreal with the V-shape exhaust (Like Ducati's)...
    This one is similar, must be a killer bike
    but 600cc?? you must like Honda's quite a bit, its a shame they dont make a 750cc sport bike!


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