could you guys help me?

  1. could you guys help me?

    Im 21 and have only been lifting for a few months and have tried to read post on a good workout.. but everyone has differnt opinions.. i guess you should know im 155 and 5'11 so im pretty skinny.. anyway here is my routine please any info would help!

    bench press
    incline Dumbell Flys
    SkullCrushers alt with close grip bench
    Tricep Overhead Extensions alt with dips

    Leg extensions
    Hamstring Curl
    Barbell Rows

    Military Press
    Shoulder Shrugs
    Side lateral
    Barbell Curls
    Reverse-Grip Barbell Curl alt with Hammer Curl

    and the alt means I alternate weekly
    pretty much all of them i do 3 sets of about 6-10 reps
    any suggestions? should i drop one? move one to another day? add something? do more sets? anything would help thanks!

  2. Your workout looks good. Are you taking 1-test currently?

    I recommend you add squats on your Thursday workout. Also do your abs again.

    Also, I don't see very much backwork. You might want to throw in some bent over rows, or latbar pulldowns, pullups, stuff like that.

    I pyramid my weights, increasing in weight and less reps. This helps increase muscle tearing to maximum growth.

    Just concentrate on low reps and high weight and I think you should be fine. Do compound lifts and probably keep your workouts around 2 hours. Also keep your tempo slow. Everything else looks good.

  3. i forgot to mention i dont have access to a gym all i have is a bench with a leg developer and dumbells so my exersices are kinda limited

  4. oh and im not on 1-test I plan on doing a cycle next year

  5. I workout at home too and I don't have anyone to spot me on the heavy weights. So I invested in a cheap squat rack. Best investment I made.

  6. im going to add squats and stiff legged deadlifts to my workout and possibly calf raises and drop the leg machine exercises.. my problem is how to add them.. doing all those one the same day seems a little much.. but adding one to another days seems kind of pointless I dunno.. any suggestions?

  7. oh also im probably going to get a chin-up bar i was thinking of adding wide grips to my back days.. any other good ones I could add with the bar?


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