hi. im new. ended up here looking for some answers.

  1. hi. im new. ended up here looking for some answers.

    wassup everybody. im really happy i found this forum, you all seem to know your stuff. Ive been lifting on and off for a while just started using supplements for the first time im doing no-explode and cellmass cause a freind reccomended them.

    So far i like them ive been doing them for like a month and a half and i only take them on days i lift. i definately gained size and im unnaturally hard, which is cool.

    while i am getting bigger im not getting alot of definition, is this how creatine works? what should i do for definition, diet obviously but is there better versions of these supplements?

    any help would be awesome. thanks

    also im about 175lbs and have a 30in waist, dunno if that helps.

  2. Welcome. There is a search button on the control panel which will start you down the path to answering these questions and more.

    To get you started, creatine is usually taken on a consistent basis (daily) so that you build up levels of it in your body.

    But, none of these supplements are magic. Small changes over time plus effort will show the types of effect you're looking for. Creatine for a month and and a half will not.

    Search away.

  3. Welcome man. The key to this forum is reading, reading and some more reading. Theres a ton of info. For you I would go check out the Nutritoin/Diet sections, the Supplement sections and the Training sections.

    These are the three big things you need to achieve ANY goal. First you need to eat right (5-6 quality meals a day), train right and then after you have those down, you should start supplementing with Creatine (which I see you already have)

    As for the Creatine and No2 that you're taking, yearight is correct, you need to be taking the creatine everyday and I think timing of the No2 is pretty important. No2 always bloated me a bit, but it also gave me a little boost in the gym and some better vascularity.

    Creatine can bloat you too, thats why I stick with Creatine Ethyl Ester which, in my opinion , doesn't give you the water retention mono does.

  4. cool, thanks for the help. il start looking around a bit.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Diloret
    cool, thanks for the help. il start looking around a bit.
    I found creatine to make me lose a LOT of definition, as I respond so well to it. In 1 week, I could gain about 3-5 pounds of water. It works, but not if you plan to get ripped. The motivation plays a huge role in that part IMO, and, even if creatnie will help you lose fat, it will make you look fatter, because of all the water you keep in. Just my .02$

    Good luck, and read on

  6. hey ive been on cellmass and no-xplode for about a year. ive tried other creatines but none are as good to me as cellmass. but everyone is diff so just experiment with diff kinds and find the one that works best for ya.

  7. I personally like bulk CEE but everyone has thier preference...and mine definately has a lot to do with costs...

  8. your right money does matter but when you work at gnc and get the sale price plus your discount you cant pass it up


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