1. Vascularity...

    I know if one has more fat then he won't be able to see the veins/arteries/blood vessels as easily.  Now what makes people more vascular?  Certain supplements increase blood flow, and therefore forcing more blood thru the veins.  Prior to that, is it all genetics?  I know I have narrow veins, but am more vascular than before.  There are people whose veins are very noticeable.  Do people who are in better cardiovascular shape have better vascularity also? 

    It seems that bodybuilders have veins in places that normal people don't.  Are these called 'capillaries'?  And high high reps would promote the amount of capillaries?

    Please comment and correct me if I am wrong.  I like to increase my vascularity and I know by leaning out that would help.  Also things like NO2, PH, etc would help.  What else?

  2. Vascularity has a lot to do with genetics and low body fat. Large doses of niacin has been said to increase vascularity quite a bit for a limited time. I personally am very vascualr so I dont deal with these supplements...

  3. i read somewhere, but i don't know the rationale behind this, maybe YJ can enlighten here --

    A lot of eccentrics, and isotonic (?)[i mean, no movement involved] training with a high tempo [something like 4-0-4] brings out the veins really well.

  4. word: TREN. My body has never seen as many veins as it does now.

  5. Originally posted by wardog word: TREN. My body has never seen as many veins as it does now.

    LOL! Getting Gaspari are we?

  6. My veins come out like mad when I do negatives (eccentric movements I believe). But I don't really see the point in taking supps to make your veins come out. If you cut well and lift often, I don't see why they wouldn't come out. Before I started lifting, I was as smooth as you could get. Now I've been called "gross" when I lift, so I think they will come...eventually.

  7. vascularity will come from 3 things

    1 - low body fat
    2 - increased muscle mass
    3 - genetics - which is the overall determiner

    your rep ranges arent goin to affect your vascularity - and no u arent goin to add size to the muscles that are in your veins

    the reason body builders have lots of veins is because they have huge muscles and virtually no body fat

    these are not cappillaries. cappillaries are when arteries and veins meet

    what you mention may increase vascualarity during exercise,but wont leave you w/ maintained vascularity

  8. how much niacin do you think one should take prior to workout? 1000mg?

  9. Please allow me to expand on some things that true_c posted:

    Vascularity is a complex presentation of many variables. Obviously, genetics will play a large role in determining base level of body fat and muscle content (density, mass, etc). This does NOT mean that vascularity is set in can be shaped over time much like the body.

    GENETICS - long term
    Forget it...can't change this.

    MUSCLE SUPPORT - long/short term
    One job of the vascular system is to support skeletal muscle with sufficient blood flow. As the need for more blood is elevated for enough time the vessels will grow/expand to accomodate the additional volume. Just as your muscle density/volume will increase to meet a stimulus the vessels will react similiarly to help meet the demand. This does not happen overnight but will be developed over several months.

    Have you ever wondered how a doctor can re-attach a severed limb? He simply hooks up the MAJOR pipes and allows the smaller ones to regrow naturally. This means that vessels have the ability to grow and repair just as any other tissue.

    The short term effects can be seen by increased vascularity during and after workout. This is simply the body meeting the demand.

    As one's anabolic state is increased there is a tendency to also increase hematocrit (ratio of blood cells to plasma). Some anabolics will affect this more than others - i.e. boldenone - and the net effect will be more cells in circulation with a cooresponding rise in pressure [READ: MORE PROMINANT VESSEL PRESENTATION].

    VOLUME EXPANDERS - short term
    Another fairly common method of increasing vascularity temporarily is to use a volume expander. This is most used in the emergency medicine world (outside of normal saline) as manitol. This is a very viscous fluid that pulls the fluid from interstitial spaces and transports it to vascular lumen (blood vessels). This could be for alleviation of pressure from head injuries or to reverse a few hypovolemic conditions. In the performance athletic world this can be used to increase vascularity for a show. The most common agent used for this is glycerol or glycerin. DO YOUR HOMEWORK IF YOU CHOOSE TO TRY THIS.


  10. Originally posted by Jarconis
    how much niacin do you think one should take prior to workout? 1000mg?
    I usually take 250mg every 15min starting 15 min pre-workout until I get to 750-1000mg.

    Large amounts of niacin cause flushing of the skin, and a burning sensation that is somewhat uncomfortable the first few times, but some find that it pumps them up more for a workout. I like the burning sensation and it helps me maintain my intensity while lifting.

    I wouldn't recommend taking 1000mg at once, but then again I never have.


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