Newby here

  1. Newby here

    Hey all, over from Seems like a great site, hope to have a great stay here.

  2. Yea, we're very different from over here in that we actually know what we're talking about. Well, most of us anyways. There is a lot of good info on here & very helpful people, so enjoy.

    I see you're a marine. Thank you for serving our country. Your service doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.

  3. Thanks brother, actually as you can see I am also jetdoc...I forgot I joined this site back in 03 and when I tried to sign up it said jetdoc was taken, so I used jetdoc_usmc. Then I figured out it was I who had jetdoc, duhh, lol.

    Anyway it seems like is starting to give me a headache, this board seems more like what I need.

    Jetdoc or Jetdoc_USMC, its all good and thanks for the compliment about my service my friend.

  4. Im new too, also one of those military types...Im an Airborne Infantry guy though!


  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jason Pegg
    Im new too, also one of those military types...Im an Airborne Infantry guy though!

    Hey Jason, welcome...I think what I was trying to say is Im not really new here, I joined almost 4 years ago..just forgot. Too much pot way back when, lol.

    I give props to you "grunts" brother, in all branches. I am an Airwinger of course, but hey, some of those Air Force bases we deployed to didn't have the best bunks, lol. They did, however, have great chow halls.

  6. Ex-Airborne Combat Engineer here and welcome to the board!

  7. Welcome fellas' this is an awesome board with great resources. Make sure to hit up some of our board sponsors when it's time to get some stuff, GNC just doesn't cut it.

  8. Welcome newbie, Now let me have one of my ladies soothe you with a back rub.:chick: How'd that feel? Good. You see, we do things a little more smoothly over here in this Pimp Palace.


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