The Matrix Reloaded

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  1. The Matrix Reloaded

    ****in incredible... certainly one of the... make that THE most impressive movie I've ever seen visually or stylistically... seriously, severely cool.

    more importantly, coupled with all the dazzling **** going on is some very well written, though provoking dialogue about reality, choice, will, knowledge of self, causality, etc... simply an incredible show. see it immediately.

  2. Can't wait!

  3. Im going tonight--cant wait
    anyone see the xmen2 movie?

  4. Saw X2, it was good.

  5. cant wait to see matrix myself....and i thought xmen2 was awesome.....they've jus built a new all stadium theater close to my house and it has a huge screen and awesome thats what goin to a movie should be!

  6. I can't wait myself, looks kickass!! Have to see X2 too, maybe this weekend.

  7. Originally posted by jweave23
    I can't wait myself, looks kickass!! Have to see X2 too, maybe this weekend.
    weave....thats my wife in ur avatar...

  8. I saw xmen2. It was a very visually pleasing movie. Specail effects were excellent. it was def much better than the first one. Can't wait to see the new matrix though. late

  9. Originally posted by msclbldrguy

    weave....thats my wife in ur avatar...
    than you better keep her in check, cause porkchop is her back door man brother!!

  10. Originally posted by jweave23

    than you better keep her in check, cause porkchop is her back door man brother!!
    heh...u jus got the pic...and, um, well, i got the re...well, u get the idea...heh

    **sigh** wish she was my old lady....

  11. Matrix Reloaded was awesome, for those of you who saw it, if anyone finds the recipe to that Chocolate Cake let me know,


  13. be sure to stay till the end of the credits for the trailer for Matrix Revloutions!!!!!

  14. I've been waiting for this movie for a while, but I think I'll wait a week or two till the theaters calm down. Glad to hear it doesn't sound like I'll be disappointed.

  15. **** there is a trailer at teh end of the credits
    i left---im freaking pissed

  16. I went to the sneak preview of the new matrix movie last night with the mindset that somehow seqeuls always suck. As with most things in life i expected the worst and hoped for the best.
    After the first one, which i was floored by almost four years ago, i had some high expectations that needed to be met, and just as i though i was let down.
    The movie was basicly one big ass kung fu flick,almost no story. Some of the fights, mainly one in the beginning where neo hands out beatdowns with what appeared to be a teather ball pole he rips out of the ground, were ****ing excellent. The rest, were seriously ****ing weak beyond words. All manner of weapons from guns to swords, spears, and ball and chains were employed and there was narry a drop of blood. Mother ****ers should have been getting cut, stabbed and shot up but it didnt happen, even though there was every opportunity for it to happen. A sword fight would end with someone getting kicked. This movie has an R rating. Stupid.
    The cool story that drove the first movie was pretty much nonexistant in this release. We were let to see what Zion was like, which might i add was also weak, and get to see Carrie Ann Moss somewhat nude, if you consider shots of here back and shoulders nudity (weak).
    The only part that was not weak was the ten minutes near the end when neo goes to the heart of the matrix and speaks with the "architect" program, who created the matrix. About 8 minutes of incoherent techno blabble ensues as this **** tries to explain the matrix and a few other things which i dont think anyone in the theater including myself understood. This is a spoiler of sorts but apparently this matrix is the 6th iteration of matrix's cause in the others the humans would eventually destroy themselves and it seems that the part of the movie that was supposed to be reality is a matrix inside another matrix or some ****. Im still not too clear on that. They also explain why neo is able to do this **** he does which i will not get into as it would ruin the only good ten minute portion of the movie.
    All and all, as with most movies, it was a total let down. Some of the kung gu **** and action makes up a little but very rarely. Considering what is going on in the fights and what the characters are capable of doing in their little virtual world it is very unsatisfying to see people kung-fu fighting with midevil weapons only to end up with people getting thrown and kicked about. Where did the R rating come from? I give it an E for extra-weak.

  17. I liked when Neo fights over 200+ agents and the highway chase, some parts where confusing and hard to follow I hope the DVD comes out before the third part is released so I can understand the movie better.

    The T3 trailer before the movie looks awesome, Arnolds back blowing **** up, can't wait to see this.

  18. Am I the only one who understood the whole thing?

    Damn good movie, although it had sort of an "Empire Strikes Back"-type vibe to it.. The sick part is how Neo and Agent Smith were "connected"..

  19. Was a great flick! Just got back! I hope everyone stayed till after the credits!

  20. The problem with anyone judging this movie differently than the first is that it is flawed in the first place to seperate them. It is one movie released in the three segments. You have to view it as a whole and nothing less.

  21. he pete i felt that vibe too....while i was watching it i was like hm empire strikes back.... same wavelength bro
    ww7...i agree with you 100%... some people liked it some cant judge it separately because it's not 3 separate movies. It's 1 movie that's split into 3 glad someone finally listened to me and stayed till after the credits... how sick does REVOLUTIONS LOOK!?!?!?!?!

  22. Revolutions look awesome!!!

  23. Just saw and I feel I got my money's worth. Those were the best fighting scenes I have seen, especially the ones in the highway. BTW, did you guys cheack out that chick who led them to the keymaker, she's increadibly hot.

  24. That movie was the best movie that I've ever seen in my life....

    Iron Warrior...YEAH DUDE!! That chick is amazing.

  25. I saw it. I think it's good. People expected way too much and it killed it. Overall, I think think it was still worth the money. I heard Revolutions explains everything.


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