1. Breakdancing(popping)

    Love watching this stuff because of the way these people master the control of their body. This one in particular is in a marionette(sp) and clockwork figurines...Best explanation I could come up with

  2. cool vid. those guys practiced alot for that routine. wonder how they did. The last portion the upbeat part is more like locking. there were a couple times i thought the video paused to load but it was just them haha. the mind body connection is in full working order with this.

  3. Presentation was ghey as hell but their technique was amazing

  4. one of my goals is to compete in a break dancing competition when I turn 40. Serious!

  5. One of my goals is to be mobile when i'm 40!

  6. Dude that doesn't even look real!!!! Are you sure it's not CGI or something, cause that's pretty impressive.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. Yeah, i've watched a few of their videos and a couple of the guys solo.

  8. Totally *****in'.

    The part where they all walk together in slo-mo is especially impressive.

  9. I love the part that starts at around 2:20, awesome stuff.

  10. That's exactly the part I like Ziricote! The change in music and the guys chest beats.

  11. This guy's name is David Elsewhere, I believe he's the guy that made that 'liquid popping' style famous.


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