Looking for good lawyer for malpractice siut

  1. Looking for good lawyer for malpractice siut

    Hi! new to board and have had a few set backs in m training! I have had to have 2 surgery's done in the last 4 months to try to replace tendon on bicep that broke off. I found a doctor in my town who was recommened to me. He did one surgery to replace tendon. It failed!!! and whe he did it he reattached the tendon to tight that caused my should or deltoid to be pulled forward too far! So then he had to go in and scope it to find out what was going on! He states in his post OP notes nothing wrong and no tears of rotator cuff either. Well after 2 weeks of surgery I can hardly move my shoulder, arm and my forarm looks as though there is a large growth coming out of it. Here to fin out after getting 2nd opinion! The shoulder was scoped wrong and he did not prefoarm everything he states he did in his report. He also put the scope in the wrong way that caused a huge tear in the shape of a "C" in the rotator cuff. The bicep is tottaly defoarmed now. and the place where he put screw in to attach the tendon? Well when he drilled into the bone he left some bone dust in my system that got into my blood stream! With we all know will cause new bone to form and grow. Now I have a huge piece of bone shaped like a hersey's kiss under nieth the layer of my shim that hurts cuz it has rapped it's self around nerves to the hand! NICE!!!! So if anyone knows a good one or is a lawyer on this board and specializes in this style of suit could they please help me out to let me know how to go about it? Or refer me to one? Thank you MM

  2. Sounds like it looks weird, post a pic!!
    Yeahright might be able to suggest something if/when he see's this thread...

  3. YR, probably will provide some type of initial advice, but may I suggest a BB'ing board is not the most suitable or effecient place to begin a search for a Barrister?

  4. Kinda odd post. With all incorrect spelling in all. Esp. for the first post.

  5. WTF is a barrister????

    (Besides LakeMount sliding up and down the pole in the middle of a strip club wearing only a thong....)

  6. Well I'm sorry there Traviscosheriff! Kinda-of and odd name don't you think? I never claimed to me the spelling champ and as far as first post? I have been around in the game maybe before you were able to wipe your own bottom! The reason I asked it here is for many reasons! I have a passion for the game! I know that BB's know more about the human body then some guy off the street. And on another board that I post on and spell more gooder on! One of the MODS is a lawyer and I thought if I got different opinions from different boards and some good places to go see a lawyer I would have my **** together when it came time to do what I have to do! I's sorry's I's does not's no hows to spells there but where i's comes from we dont have running water either! LOL bro lighten up alittle will you? No one is perfect and I just went bck to school this year (college) after being out of school for some time. Not bad for a 37 year old fart hey!!
    It's all in fun bro!!! Until you have walked in my shoes with this troubles I have been having this year with this arm! You would'nt spell the best either. BB is my life bro and for someone to take it away from me and tell me I may never be able to train again hurts deep in the soul and ****s with your head real bad! So I can take some joken around and some people making fun of my spelling but to take away BB from me is like taking away my first born!!! It is what iti is! And no troubles here bro! MM

  7. WOW! Why are most of you guy's being haters about my post?? WTF!!! Maybe I was wrong to log on here! I was told about how great this board is and how they back up their bro's too. Sorry to waist your space here! MY BAD!!! MM

    "I was opening up so many cans of whoop-ass! I had to start buying by the case!" It was real bro's but the world is bad enough already with all the other **** going on we don't need to start on mine. So be cool! Peace

  8. Just have to give this whole post one of these!

  9. I thank you for that great warm feeling I keep getting from you Traviscosheriff(did I spell that gooder) You keep me smilen bro and laughen too! I need that bro. You just have to see where I am coming from and what it means to me to be able to train! It is like a high I could never get from any drug that I had done in my past! So can I have a hug bro? Come on HUG Mucho Grande Poppee!!!! You know you want to? Don't be shy! We know how ktis being trapped in that closet all these years! It all good bro! You can come out now and stop hanggen out at the school yards now! With that crossing gaurd uniform and trying to direct all the little boys over to your car and handed out flesh colored suckers!!!! Come on bro that's sick!!! It's all in fun right!/?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TravisCoSheriff

    Just have to give this whole post one of these!
    I agree, great first posts.

  11. I think the JerkyBoys said it best:

    "I'm gonna sue you!"

    "Sue me? Why would you sue me?"

    "...because!...you won't help me!"

    "...my boss said hurtful things to me and I fell down the stairs and my shoes came off and I am going to sue!!!!"

    Seriously, Your case would be a slamdunk based upon you description! Depending on what you "relesed prior to surgery"
    Although with your level of deformity it could be easily overcome in a trial by jury, when the jury could see you current condition. Unless for some reason the doctor could prove that there is reason to believe that you are in a "healthier state" than before the proceedure. (long shot based upon your description)

    First thing you need to find is an orthopedic surgeon!
    Try a local sports team, even if you can't afford the team doctor, any referal would have to be better, then whom ever "recommened" your first doc! You could sue that entity as well(provided there is some recovery $ ) Your second proceedure will just add to your level of "wrongful loss and suffering" Some doctors will recommend a "good lawyer" because preventing "other such malpractice" is part of their oath.
    Good Luck!!!!!


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