New member here; Long time member at...

  1. New member here; Long time member at...

    I'm new here to anabolic minds. I've been a member at for almost 4 years, and have rarely branched out. But as my experience and thirst for more knowledge continue to eveolve I to figured it was time to see what else is out there. So with that being said hello to everyone here at AM.


  2. Hello and welcome over to AM! Hope you're able to add and also pull some knowledge.

  3. Welcome

  4. welcome aboard, I think you'll find this place is a bit of an uppgrade compared to

  5. Welcome.

  6. I followed some AM members here from a couple of years ago and I never left

  7. We've been trying hard but Rivet is like herpes. once you get it you can only supress it but the **** is coming back regardless and usually when you have a date.

  8. I think 4 years at is a record.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by dsade
    I think 4 years at is a record.
    lol, I didn't last 4 weeks!

    Welcome to AM

  10. Thanks guys appreciate the welcomes. I understand completely about your specs against I've come to meet many great people through that board however and have to give the select few there who care and display passion much respect. the site is constantly being flooded in certain forums, but one thing you will not find is advertisements in the forums. regardless gentelemen let my time here at AM begin.



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