Bodybuilding: A Life Style (MOVIE)

  1. Bodybuilding: A Life Style (MOVIE)

    Very nicely made movie i found, thought i woudl share.

  2. I cant beleive nobody liked this move?

  3. I liked it a lot! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like it, better than most vids.

  5. What soundtrack is that opeing tune from? Is the Rollins speaking over?

  6. Very, very beginning is beasty boys.

  7. But that is rollins, yes.

  8. My bad. I meant the part where Rollins is talking over. I want to say its from Requiem for a Dream, but I dont think thats right.

  9. Oh and great video man. Just didn't get to see it right away.

  10. Wait a minute, I got it....It's from Donnie Darko.

  11. Great vid, but I believe Beelzebub just posted this a week or two back...

  12. Seems to me in every BB movie ive watched they ALWAYS seem runned down. I know when you tear your self up and rebuild constantly it makes you like that but there ALWAYS runned down. 1 exception is Lee.

  13. Good movie

  14. That's from Henry Rollins spoken word tour, and it was in one of his books to that I read awhile back. Can't remember what it was but I remember it's not Pissing In the Gene Pool. The name of it is 'I Think I Know You ' and I used to listen to it 10 years ago when I first started lifting. Awesome video bro thank you for sharing.

  15. That was pretty damn inspiring !

  16. The very last song is Cory Taylor "Bother" (lead singer from slipknot), the song that picks up right after the rollin's quote is "Cradle" by Mudvayne. Not for sure if that's the song your asking for....

    Good vid btw


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