My laugh for the day!

  1. My laugh for the day!

    So I have my biomechanics lab today and we got in the lab and the prof wanted us to "test" out one of those hand held body fat testers, bioimpedence or whatever they are. Anyways I tried it out and entered in my height and weight and age. It spits me out at 18% b/f. I laughed as I have visible abs and serratus. lol. He also had a body fat scale there as well. It had the athletic mode on it and that read me at 22% b/f.

    I was just amazed at how far off they were. Other people tested it and I know some of them are athletes that run cross country, they are lean and in shape and they were coming in at over 20% b/f.

    Lesson of the day: I am way fatter than i thought!!! ahahaha

  2. Well, congrats. fat ass

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