Free Hugs-It made me smile watching :)

  1. Free Hugs-It made me smile watching :)

    When I first watched it I thought at the beginning how stupid it seemed. At the end it made me realize that sometimes that is all you need to make your day a bit better

  2. Maybe that's all TO needs.

  3. I was waiting for that comment.

  4. Thanks little buddy

  5. Sorry Jayhawk.

    I must admit, I had to smile too. It seems that the hugs were contagious.

  6. I love that See I get that everyday from my kids, 10 little cuties who say my name ..and give my legs the biggest hug in the world....Makes my day

    (((((HUGZ))))) to jayhawk.....great post.....
    RIP Ryan, :(


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