Newbie again

  1. Newbie again

    I'm a former member of this forum as well as a couple of others. My brutal schedule has kept me from posting as much as I would like to. I haven't been active on the boards at all in about two years. I see a lot of new names around here which is great. I wouldn't consider myself a bodybuilder per se but I love the sport and have been weight training since age 14. I played baseball and football at an NAIA school and still play competitive slow pitch softball, thus my experience is more related to athletic performance training rather than bodybuilding. The thing I have always liked about the boards is how helpful most of the members are to the new guys. There is not much in the way of bodybuilding that I can help with considering the amount of specific knowledge of the subject on this board but I am more than happy to help anyone with things that I may have insight on.


  2. Welcome...

  3. welcome back, a new perspective is always nice.

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