Anyone else have trouble loggin in?

  1. Anyone else have trouble loggin in?

    Anyone else having trouble logging in just a little while ago?

  2. The site is being upgraded this weekend. They sent out an e-mail that read:

    The board will be down this weekend as we switch IP's. This will make the board more robust in performance and also allow for future growth and allocation of resources.

    We do apologize for downtime but it is necessary for the long term stability of the board. In addition, we will release the free email accounts and also install the SECURE (https) access to PM's and other features.

    Effective today at 6 PM EST the board will be down but can still be access by direct IP. Simply put in the address bar and it will take you to the forum. It will take about 24-48 hours for the new IP to propagate through the DNS servers.


  3. Thanks Bow.

    I guess I should get around to reading some of my emails.
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