long time no post, lets get back in track

  1. Angry long time no post, lets get back in track

    well, i been off the gym for a few weeks actually like about a month, i get here once in a whele but because of work and other stuff i havent posted anything, but well thats a thing of the past. THis monday started going back to the gym it seem averything really good i lost some strength, a lifting buddy gave me a brand new jug of twinlab creatine nitrate3 fuel for free and is going to give me a nother one next week been mixing it up with fierce and had a decent pump, well thats not important what shock the **** out of me is that a "friend" from the gym before i stoped going to the gym he was talking about taking something he mentioned something like winstrol, deca, and sust. well it seems like he did start to take that. thats not a problem for me who am i to complain about that. what get on my ****ing nerves is that this ******* was telling some guys there(age ranges from 18-20) that if they did a 5 week cycle of deca with sust they would grow alot , and i was there and asked him what about pct ? he told me whats that? i said post cycle therapy. to get your balls back to normal and keep some of the gains and help your body to fix all the sides and damaged caused. he told me im just going to take winstrol to make my gains solid. IM like wtf i told him well you have to take something not to get all ****ed up, hje told me a friend told me that what im taking is enouf. i told the guys that were there dont listen to this guy he doesnt know **** about what he's talking, he is going **** himselfup and if you follow his advice youre going to do the same.

    welll that all that i needed to say, sorry if i dont make my self very clear, this got me angry because this guy doest know ****(not that i know alot ) he is ****ing with his body thats his problem, but pushing that **** to some one else with out telling them what could happen and what precautions to take i think is wrong. i can belive how people could be so stupid to do something like that. im still angry

  2. Sounds like his 'friend' is actually a dealer and didn't want to discourage the helpless minded first-time user. Seriously. If you were a dealer and you would either A) make the sell by saying "yeah winstrol will harden you up and help you retain. or B) not make the sell because you say "oh and you gotta get some nolva and clomid and make sure you take some fenu and maca with that and grab up some ATD while you're at it and don't forget to pre-load with some milk thistle"

  3. Not to mention black market wise (not internet) many "frat-boy-like" sources are selling "bulk cycles" at prices enough to purchase 4mg of IGF1.

  4. well here if they like they could go across the border(mexico), what get on my nerves is that he is trying to push that **** to them. they see the guy , hes not very big, he looks very vascular but you can tell thet he is retaining a lot of water he looks very soft, he's also prone to mpb, and his head and back look like he was shot with a paintball gun with only yellow balls,(because of the pus in his acne)

  5. Well I never really consider myself that big. But I am stronger than those who are bigger than me in my gym. And at a lower BF %. Let's see.. 190 lbs, 6'0" and 10% bf. Although that was at the end of my bulk and I think it's closer to 9% now due to Albuterol/T3/B-12/NHA stack. Nevertheless. What is his size? He's utterly retarded of course.

    I just like to compare.

    Once I'm at 240lbs and 9% bf I'll be happy.

    And I still haven't hit a hardcore plateau.

  6. he's a bit taller than me , like 5' 9'' or 10'' his arms are almost 19 he was claming that he was bigger but someone took out a messuring tape and he didnt came close to 18 3/4 he is around 180- 190 lbs as far bf% i dont have a clue, but he looks heis gaining a lot of water weight in the arms.

  7. my arms are 16 inches and I'm 190 pounds and I'm at 10%. So therefore if he is at 190 and has 18 3/4 inch arms he is either extremely overbalanced or fat.

    Or loaded with water and glycogen.

  8. ohh and i forgot he told us a few months back that we(another friend and i) should try humatrope Humatrope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  9. Ahaha! Ahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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