A MUST READ for All VPX Haters & Lovers

  1. A MUST READ for All VPX Haters & Lovers



    I posted this article from "The Guru" in VPX's mag about bb.com, and specifically Big Cat.  Take a look I found it pretty interesting, and some of you vets may possibly find it quite insulting.


    If you guys don't want this up on your board just let me know, and I'll delete.


  2. wow, them are fightin' words if I've ever seen them!!

  3. hahaha...I find it funny how egotistical he is that he calls himself "The Guru".

  4. Originally posted by jweave23
    wow, them are fightin' words if I've ever seen them!!
    yeah, he seems really upset about the constant abuse of VPX products on the BB.com site. I wonder why...

  5. Though BB.com needs serious help the VPX guy is pompous and deserves a good humbling.

  6. HA! The guy needs to come down to earth and realize he isn't a "Guru", that just makes him sound even more stupid. I don't like how BB.com is being run, but they sure pissed off VPX huh?



  7. ... interesting stuff

  8. in a way its almost like the pot callin the kettle black...seriously, we all agree bb.com could be run better one reason we all migrated over here and spend most of our time here. its funny to me he accuses bb.com members of behaving like a child and does the same thing. thats funny...

  9. Man I've read two issues of his magazines and this dude Jack Owoc is a blatant liar, which I find it hypocrytical since he is VERY RELIGIOUS in his magazines. He writes about how you can gain the same on his Paradeca and Decavar the same as you would on real Test and Deca which I find amusing. I don't know if his products are good or bad 'cause I'll never try them, but IMO Jack Owoc is a ****-talking ***** who lies and professes to be a hardcore Christian with good morals.

  10. A pious ****-talkin *****? that's gotta be one of the best insults I've heard in a while; get 'em bro! VPX products are just as bad as SDI labs for blatantly trying to mimic gear w/ no balls whatsoever.  They need to be shot down from that high horse anyway! People can feel it when **** works, so why charge so much for crap everyone else sells for less?



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