Nagging bicep injury

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    Nagging bicep injury

    Argh. My left bicep has been bothering me for months.

    How it happened:
    One day I did a 3 difficult negatives with my bicep workout. There was no unusual pain while I did that. I had been lifting for months, and have done 1 or 2 negatives on occaision. I was OK that day but the next hurt. On the following bicep workout, I couldn't lift the bar with my starting weight.

    I took about 6 weeks off from training with occaisional light workouts once a week, once skipping 2 weeks. I didn't do any biceps work in that time.

    I have been lifting again for a month now, at first the bicep wasn't too bad, but I felt very slight pain in it. Figuring a 6 week break didn't work, I thought it needed exercise to stimulate growth. All was going pretty well until the other day when it happened again - I finished my back exercises, and when I went to curl, I probably couldn't lift the weight. I took some weight off, and it still didn't feel right so I skipped the bicep exercises.

    I've been logging so I know I didn't go too heavy. I also eat very clean, broken up into 4 or 5 meals, about 40/40/20 on the macronutrients. For supplements, I'm taking Creatine, Fish oil, ECA prior to cardio and a little Yohimbe before lifting (only 4.5 mg). My left arm is weaker, so it probably gets stressed more than the right side. I just got some Cissus today, I hope that can help.

    Any suggestions? I'm at a loss here.

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    start with the cissus at a higher dose. if that doesnt work, you may want to go see a doc or do some sort of massage therapy. a heating pad every night might help as well, but definatly start the cissus.

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