Need help with a chem project.... pretty simple i guess

  1. Need help with a chem project.... pretty simple i guess

    i have a list of cations that are being "sold " for 1$/gram. they are.....
    Barium Nitrate
    Lead Acetate
    Magnesium Nitrate
    Iron(III) Nitrate
    Nickel(II) Nitrate
    Calcium Nitrate
    Silver Nitrate
    Zinc (II) Nitrate
    Lead (II) Nitrate
    Strontium(sp?) Chloride
    Barium Acetate

    and a group of Anioins selling for .50$ / gram. They are...

    K3 (PO4 )
    K2 (HPO4 )
    K(H2 PO4 )
    Na3 (PO4 )
    Na2 (HPO4 )
    Na(H2 PO4 )
    Na(CO3 )
    K2 (CO3 )
    K2 (SO4 )
    Cu(SO4 )
    Na2 (SO4 )

    Now what we have to do is pick any substances from the list, and try to make 1 gram of an insoluble salt. For every tenth of a gram (no more then1 gram though) we make of the insoluable salt, we got 1$( fake money) our goal is to get 10$. The money we spent on the materials is subtracted, and our goal is to get the most profit. So the question is , of what 2 substances do we need to combine (there are many combinations) to get a cheap insoluble salt, that is cost effective.

    So we have to decide what salt we wish to make, choose the reactants, a write a balanced equation for the double replacement reaction which will be perfomed...

    if any one can help me at all, i'd really appreciate it.. thanks a lot3


    Barium Sulfate?


    K<SUB>sp value = </SUB>1.3x10<SUP>-10</SUP>&nbsp;

    <SUP>$1.50.&nbsp; is that good?</SUP>


  3. thanks so much

  4. Do you have to purchase in whole gram increments?&nbsp; If not, the calculations will be off slightly.

    The most cost effective combination would be Lead(II) Acetate [1 gram, 3.07E-3 mol] + KCl [1 gram, 1.34E-2 mol] --&gt; PbCl2 [1.71 gram, 6.14E-3 mol]

    So, $10 - [$1 + $.50] = $8.50

    NaCl may be substituted for the KCl but this will make little difference since the limiting reagent&nbsp;is Lead(II) Acetate.

    If less than full gram quantities may be purchased I would recommend .58 grams of each&nbsp;yielding .99 grams of product.&nbsp; This would be ideal...

    So, $10 - [.58($1.00) + .58($.50)] = $9.13

    Pb(O2C2H3)2 + 2 KCl --&gt; PbCl2 + spectator ions

    Hope this helps...if need any other help let me know


  5. all this chemical mumbo jumbo gives me a headacke, just use imaginaly numbers like "thirtytwenteen"

  6. did i even say anything that made sense?



  7. Originally posted by hamper19
    did i even say anything that made sense?

    The Barium Sulfate is always the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the list presented. It made sense to me too...but, the problem is actually one of yield. From this standpoint it is merely choosing the cheapest amount of reagents for the maximum profit.



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