a $1000 for peace of mind???

  1. a $1000 for peace of mind???

    Hey all just wondering what you thought about this. I'm really thinking about it.

    I got a hrt quote which would be about a grand more than then the same cycle underground. BUT even though 1000 more seems like an outrageous price. I was thinking is 1000 dollars really ALOT for the peace of mind i would get no worries about illegal issues. controlled delivires with my kids at home. possible court fees and loss of good job. etc.


  2. If you can afford to have that added peace of mind then go for it I say.

  3. pffft thats easily worth more than $1k IMO

  4. that what I was thinking especially since I am so close to BALCO I could just imagine a controlled delivery. Especially since i am old enough now the HRT is an option

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