Lieberman Responds to Dietary Supplement Safety Act

  1. Lieberman Responds to Dietary Supplement Safety Act

    Just arrived in my inbox, posting it here for your pleasure

    Dear Mr. Singh:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding your opposition to the Dietary
    Supplement Safety Act (S. 722), which was introduced by Senator Richard
    Durbin (D-IL).

    According to Senator Durbin, this legislation seeks to protect consumers
    from dangerous dietary supplements, such as ephedra and other stimulants,
    by requiring manufacturers to submit proof that their product is safe
    prior to bringing it to market.

    Senator Durbin points out that, unlike drugs, where the manufacturer must
    show that its product is safe prior to marketing, current law allows
    dietary supplement manufacturers to sell their products without any safety
    review. The burden is currently placed on the U.S. Food and Drug
    Administration (FDA) to prove that they are unsafe before the agency can
    take any action against potentially dangerous dietary supplements.

    I understand that millions of Americans take dietary supplements every
    day without experiencing any ill effects, and some dietary supplements
    even provide consumers with significant health benefits. Senator Durbin
    indicates, however, that he has concerns about a small number of dietary
    supplement products primarily stimulants and steroids "masquerading" as
    herbal compounds that have proven harmful and sometimes even lethal to

    The Dietary Supplement Safety Act would make several changes to the laws
    governing dietary supplements. First, the legislation requires
    manufacturers of the most dangerous types of dietary supplements,
    stimulants (which speed up a person's heart or affect a person's central
    nervous system), to submit proof that their product is safe prior to
    bringing that product to market. The bill also expands FDA's authority to
    require proof of safety from any dietary supplement maker if the agency
    has received information suggesting that the product has caused death or
    other serious adverse health effects. If manufacturers fail to show that
    their product is safe, then the FDA could take the product off the market.

    Second, the measure requires manufacturers to report serious adverse
    health events, such as heart attack, seizure, stroke, or death, to the FDA
    no later than 15 calendar days after they receive them. According to
    Senator Durbin, even though scientific reports have linked ephedra and
    similar dietary supplements to 117 deaths and more than 17,000 other
    health-related problems, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    (HHS) reported in 2001 that the agency had received only ten adverse event
    reports from manufacturers for all dietary supplement products.

    Finally, the bill would close a "loophole" in current law which allows
    anabolic steroids to be sold widely as dietary supplements. The bill
    would instead clarify that anabolic steroids are not dietary supplements
    and are subject to regulation that restricts their availability under the
    Controlled Substances Act.

    Ephedra an herbal dietary supplement also known as ma huang, ephedra,
    sida cordifolia, and epitonin has been promoted as a way to burn fat and
    boost energy. In the United States, it is sold over the counter at such
    places as grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, and fitness clubs, as
    well as on TV under brand names like Metabolife 356, Stacker 2, and
    NaturalTrim. The industry estimates that over three billion "servings" of
    ephedra were sold in 1999.

    However, some recent medical studies have drawn a strong connection
    between ephedra and the risk of stroke, heart attack, and even sudden
    death. Senator Durbin points out that the American Medical Association
    has called for a national ban of ephedra products. In addition, the
    National Football League, the National Collegiate Athletic Association,
    and the International Olympic Committee have all banned their athletes
    from using any products containing ephedra. Following the recent tragic
    death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler, Major League Baseball
    banned ephedra use among minor league players. It is also my
    understanding that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) prohibits sales at
    all base commissaries.

    Senator Durbin chaired two Senate Governmental Affairs Committee hearings
    on this issue last year and commissioned a report on adverse events from
    Metabolife, the first independent review of the largest set of ephedra
    adverse events. This particular study found over 2,000 cases of
    significant injury, including deaths, heart attacks, strokes, and seizures
    associated with consumption of Metabolife among the 14,400 adverse event
    reports analyzed by congressional staff.

    Please be assured that I will continue to carefully review all aspects of
    this legislation, keeping in mind the need to balance consumer access to
    safe and effective dietary supplements, while ensuring appropriate
    protections to safeguard human health.

    I am also pleased to let you know that I have launched an e-mail
    newsletter, through my official Senate web site, to keep constituents
    up-to-date on my efforts on behalf of Connecticut. You can sign up for
    this e-mail newsletter by visiting and
    clicking on the "Subscribe to E-Mail Newsletter" button under my "Welcome"
    message. I hope this service is informative and useful.

    Thank you again for letting me know your views and concerns. Please
    contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about our work
    in Congress.


    Joe Lieberman

  2. quite a reply.


  3. blah blah blah blah... keep talking out of your mudhole there Joe... dietary supplements should not be so grossly mislabeled, that is obvious, but that also really has nothing to do with what he and his old bald dickless cronies are advocating... cigarettes, alcohol... these things offer not even the POTENTIAL for positive health benefits (wine yeah yeah), and yet... yeah, the politiking and mind****ery runs rampant, and actually seeing this kind of spew makes me want to vomit backwards in my pants.

  4. Wow, these dumb ass politicians are only going to make more people resort to black market steroids and clenbuterol.

  5. well, are they gonna ban aspirin too? i mean u take a whole bollte of it and you'll be fertilizing flowers in the cemetary. anything is dangerous if you overdose it. dumbass. i'm with u biggin

  6. I doubt it will go away anytime soon, only get worse. At the rate their going it makes me wonder when they will ban creatine.

  7. Some dickwad poly sci intern typed that up for old Senator Joe. It takes no position, only to regurgitate Senator Durbin's "reasons" for the proposed ban. I wonder how many Senator's wives/husbands or children have used these products successfully?

  8. Politicians will do what they have ot do.

  9. Originally posted by Ibanez
    I doubt it will go away anytime soon, only get worse. At the rate their going it makes me wonder when they will ban creatine.
    I honestly wouldn't put banning creatine past politicians. All it takes is one dumbass to get cancer, blame it on creatine, and than the media jumps all over it. Than the politicians seem like heroes to the majority of the uneducated public when they ban creatine.

  10. Originally posted by Iron Warrior

    I honestly wouldn't put banning creatine past politicians. All it takes is one dumbass to get cancer, blame it on creatine, and than the media jumps all over it. Than the politicians seem like heroes to the majority of the uneducated public when they ban creatine.

    You know, I was going to call my Senator....I took creatine and started lifting weights and got these HUGE tumors on my arms. They are really ugly, with blood-engorged veins sticking out. BAN CREATINE BAN CREATINE...

    oh, tumors, just my biceps. Oh well, too late to stop the inertia now.
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  11. Could you imagine having to get a prescription to use creatine? That would be messed up. It would probably cost 3x the price too.

    I think a couple years back some athletes died from exhaustion or something related to it and they tried to blame it on creatine.

    I just curious how far they will go. Say they do ban ph and other products in the bill, what's next? Ephedra? Or will they ban Multi-vitamins too?

    They try to ban phs and other stuff, yet they let alcohol and cigs go. Not saying I'm anti alcohol, but I'm sure more people have health related problems from alcohol and cigs than ph.

  12. A creatine prescription? LOL...i'd just start eating more beef...


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