New Study Confirms that Fish Feel Pain

  1. New Study Confirms that Fish Feel Pain

    For those of you that fish....

    LONDON, April 30 — Anglers take note — British scientists say that after years of debate, they now have proof that fish feel pain.Animal activists are on the warpath after a study released on Wednesday showed how rainbow trout react to discomfort. They condemned fishing as cruel and demanded an end to the sport — but anglers themselves dismissed the study.

    THE RESEARCH FOUND that fish have receptors in their heads and that subjecting them to noxious substances causes “adverse behavioural and physiological changes.”
    “This fulfils the criteria for animal pain,” said Dr. Lynne Sneddon who headed the research, published on Wednesday by the Royal Society, Britain’s national academy of science.
    Bee venom or acetic acid was injected into the lips of some of the trout, while control groups of fish were injected with saline solution or merely handled.
    The trout injected with venom or acid began to show “rocking” motion — similar to that seen in stressed higher vertebrates — and those injected with acetic acid began rubbing their lips in the gravel of their tank.

    “These do not appear to be reflex responses,” Sneddon said.
    The affected fish also took three times longer to resume feeding activity compared to those in the control groups.
    The team from the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh found the fish had polymodal nociceptors — receptors that respond to tissue-damaging stimuli — on their heads.
    It is the first time these receptors have been found in fish. They have similar properties to those found in amphibians, birds and mammals including humans.
    Animal activists said the findings showed that fishing was cruel.

    “We would encourage anglers to lay down their rods. It’s ridiculous that in 2003 we are still talking about whether fish feel pain — of course they do,” Dawn Carr of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) told Sky News.
    But anglers vowed to keep on enjoying their sport.
    “Until we have proper, bona fide evidence, we will never know. It’s supposition,” said Charles Jardine, director of pro-angling group Gone Fishing.
    “I don’t think the millions of anglers throughout the whole of the world would see themselves as cruel individuals.”

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  2. Originally posted by Sheesh
    For those of you that fish....
    stop fishing? ahah never will we stop fishing. who cares, when you shoot an animal hunting they feel it? and your point. when you box and get knocked out, you feel it. i wouldnt doubt fish feel pain when i set the hook and reel their ass in ill keep on fishing, and have fun doing it. funny article though, damn those people who always try to be perfect and humane, never hurting any creature on earth. if that were the case, we'd all die in about a week.

  3. That's funny!! Who cares really?

    When I go fishing, the first fish I catch that is good eats, gets cut up and eaten like sushi by me as I continue to fish. I guess I may have to gag his mouth next time so he doesn't warn the other fish as I gut him and chew

    This thread reminds of some movie I saw(can't remember which), where some real cruel rich guy uses a stethescope to listen to the lobsters cries as he drops them alive into boiling water...LMAO

  4. *note- be forewarned, Biggs is slogging his way through finals week/prep in a sleep-deprived, class flunkin' stupor. the following may quite possibly be poorly worded and/or possessing various types of vulgarity... if this offends you as much as the idea that somewhere, right this minute, a poor goddamned tuna fish is being hooked, gutted, or sushified for human enjoyment... well, stfu and go somewhere else. others, feel free to continue*

    hahaha... gimme a break... **** the fish, jesus... if it's not one thing it's another... ****ing animal activists make me want to puke... I'm not a hunter, nor fisherman of any kind, and hey, I believe animals can and should be afforded a decent amount of rights as living beings... BUT, since ****ing organizations like PETA make me vomit (*barf*), and fish still register on about the lowest godamn level of the totem pole of "**** That's Alive", I think I'll just keep laughing and cursing... total sensationalism... as if there aren't more worthy causes to rally around ... you want sick and wrong? that ****, is sick and wrong... courtesy of a link via

  5. I have never heard any fish or deer or bear i have harvested complain..................

  6. Oh my God, I can't believe they wasted money on this study. Anything that gets hooked on the mouth like that will feel pain, but who cares 'cause fish is a good source of protein.

  7. Suppose I better stop beating sharks with a shovel now

  8. well, now, isnt this just perfect. the tree huggers are at it again. i dont mean to imply that creulty should be acceptable, but for cryin out loud....i'm not a hunter but i do like to fish and duh, i have no doubt a fish feels pain with that hook in its mouth jus like you or i would gettin it stuck in a finger or ear. i've thrown a bunch of fish back too and they just swam away seemingly no worse for the wear.

    what frosts me is folks like this who get so bent outta shape over something good but where are they when these murderers and child abusers go on their little sprees? i get a whole lot more upset when humans are mistreated, or worse. just my .02

  9. Originally posted by Colibri
    Suppose I better stop beating sharks with a shovel now
    no, by all means don't... after all, sharks care equally little for the plight of the common, pain enduring trout fish... so yes, whack away... show those ****ers to ignore the pain of the 100000000000000000000000000000 0 trout of the world!

  10. I never said I supported the tree huggers and PETA etc, just thought I should post the study....

  11. LMAO!! Nothing against you Sheesh at all but all living things feel pain when they are being killed in some way or another. That has and will never stop me.

  12. Yes, sharks eat small fish, if I kill as many sharks as I can with a shovel, I'm saving the smaller fish.

    I'M A HERO!

  13. Originally posted by Colibri
    Yes, sharks eat small fish, if I kill as many sharks as I can with a shovel, I'm saving the smaller fish.

    I'M A HERO!

  14. Fish can feel pain? GOOD.
  15. AlexParty
    AlexParty's Avatar

    Oh god, so going through an honors science program in university... all to study if fish feel pain. Animals are "THE" source of food. Plus weight training benefits individuals on a meat, animal whatever protein diet than a vegetarian just eatting stuff like cottege cheese or beans and ****. Man someones gotta punch these ****ing idiots for wasting our time and actually making an anouncement, I mean aren't they embaressed to actuall make this discovery?


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