Not your ordinary monday morning!!!!!!!

  1. Wink Not your ordinary monday morning!!!!!!!

    Not your ordinary Monday morning at Lowest Prices Highest Quality Whey Protein and Nutrition Supplements

    Okay - this is an unusually good sale - so it will last only for the next 6 hours!!!!!!

    Our new product - TGC 525 Rejuvenix 3.3 combo has been a HUGE success with our customers and I want to give you a chance to get it at an unbelievable price. This is an insider deal only - you can get it at 28.04!!!!! This is a big difference over the general web site of 42.99 - That's right, boys - you pay only 28.04!!!!!!! It just does not get any better than this and you must use the discount code of rj15 and your insider discount will be applied before you even complete the transaction!!!!!!!!!

    All The Whey TGC is an advanced matrix of three of the most effective anti catabolic ingredients: Taurine, Glutamine, Creatine delivered in a dextrose base. Insuring that your muscles get the muscle building nutrients they need to recover and grow.

    RejuveniX 41 provides unsurpassed nutritional support to ensure you obtain the maximum value from your workouts and complete recovery after each training session or race.

  2. Unusually good eh? From what i've seen you guys are always having good sales

  3. Well - good because I am in the office today and am ususally home in my jammies...................but the TGC seems to be a winner and I wanted to offer something for just Board members......

    PS - I hate being in the office (any office) but I suffer for you!

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