Landis for 2006?

  1. Landis for 2006?

    It's Sat 22 July, 2006 4:30pm in France and Floyd Landis is on the road down 30 sec from winning the TDF, will he do it. My money is on the USA, after the ride through the hills the other day you have to admit he really wants this tour. After 18 days of racing it comes down to who wants it the most when it's this close. Anybody have any input? Only an hour till the TDF is decided.

  2. This may be closer then the Lemond/Fignon finish in 89! Sastre has already lost 1:05 on Landis so the race is now between Landis and Pereiro! Come on! we can't have somebody who's name Americans can't pronounce win the Tour de Ameri...uuuh I mean France.

  3. Done, did it, over, Landis in Yellow! Man I am excited to see this guy who worked so hard for Armstrong take a tour, this is way cool! USA dominating the TDF who would have ever thought?

  4. Darn them americans and their EPO users!!!

  5. Hey! those cheaters got knocked out the day before the start! He's a menanite for goodness sake, he wouldn't cheat!

  6. Yeah... Yeah You're right Basso.
    Good ol Boys.


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