Exertion Headaches

  1. Exertion Headaches

    Sorry bros dont know where to put this but n e way... While bench pressing heavy the other day i got a crazy pain (headache) in the side of my head during the sixth rep of my last set. Pain diminished but was still with me for the remainder of my workout. I can pretty much always feel a strange feeling in the side of my head though its extremely mild. It flares up during intense exercises as well as during sex and masterbation just before ejaculation and is most painfull following ejaculation. I'd just finished the 2nd week of a superdrol cycle the day i first got it and with the pain hindering my motivation in the gym i decided to go straight to pct. I went to my doc and blood pressure was 140/80 and not so much of a big deal. Really sounds to me like an exertional headache... Ive seen other posts commenting on them so im wondering if you guys would draw the same conclusion and what can i do to get rid of them?

    Thanks for reading
    Any input would be greatly appreciated

  2. To be on the safe side I would go to the doctor again, and if you can get a cat scan. I had the same pain (except for in the back of my head), and the symptoms were just like you described. It turns out I had a huge arachnoid cyst. I would feel the pain everytime I exercised. So I took 2 weeks off, and now I don't feel it anymore. But for awhile, it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I couldn't even masturbate without feeling like somone was hitting me with a hammer in the back of the head... Thats when you know its bad.

  3. Yeah bro you're right im gonna go to doc again today and see if i can get one.(ct scan) Im just curious tho...where you given any meds???

    Thanks for the reply

  4. I was given some muscle relaxants. Forgive me because I don't remember what particular type they were. They helped greatly though. They opted not to do anything about the arachnoid cyst. Let me know what your doc says and post back.

  5. YOu ever had a concussion? do you box, fight, ride bike, fall down drunk... etc. If not it could be BP related 140/80 is a bit high and if you were holding your breath and forcefully pushing for an extended period.... Go to the doc forsure but keep an open mind to all possibilities.

  6. Well got a cat scan today and they said it looked fine... I guess it can't be that serious so im not gonna worry unless it gets noticeably worse. I'll probably just take it easy for a week or two and hopefully whatever it is will correct itself.

    again tho, thanks for the help

  7. vasospasm in the subarachnoid layer. Sexual onset near climax is textbook.

    Take a cyclobenzeprene (sp?) if you can get one. Try not to "flare" it up for a week and it should subside.

  8. whenis the last time you had a week or two off? I had the same thing in the bvack of my head that completley ruined my workouts. I took a few weeks off and havent had one since.

  9. Thanks for all the replys guys...
    Yeah i was thinking about trying a muscle relaxant but i think id need a prescription? Im taking nolva too for pct so i was a little hesitant about using other medications. Are there any over the counter meds that would be safe to take? or should i just take it easy. lol and to answer dans question i havent had a week off in like over a year. I cant stand not being able to work out... its killing me. Actually im cheating i worked tri's yesterday, i cant help it.:bb:

  10. I had those. I was put on HBP meds for one month. I donít remember all the details that the Doc told me but if memory serves me it has something to do with a artery that slows blood flow during exertion so that you donít get excessive blood up around your noodle. One month of the beta blockers and it was fixed and never came back.

  11. after post cycle therapy try to take a week off(if you want)......i dont find weeks off hard at all....i love em, but i know the sloppy feeling. I know it worked for me.


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