quick clarification on good mornings

  1. quick clarification on good mornings

    when doing good mornings, dont you have to start by brinign your butt back? because if you just simply bend you will fall forward.

    and the bar should be in the same position on your traps as if you were squatting, correct?

    and do you guys keep your knees locked out? i have heard to do this, and i have heard its bad on the ligaments...


  2. It's a tough exercise to get the form correct.

    I bend my kness slightly, then bend at the waist. your butt will automatically go back into postion. Bend until your back is parallel with the floor and return to upright slowly. Keep your head up and concentrate on a spot on the wall or mirror in front of you.

    Start with low weight until you get the form correct. good luck.

  3. ^^Ya, it's hard and remember to work your way up since this will kill the back if done improperly. I keep mine slightly bent so I don't tear my knees up if I make a mistake.

  4. oh ok thanks now thats cleared up

    and for now i cant go parallel im not flexible enough but ill just go as low as i can


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