Ebay and Paypal

  1. Ebay and Paypal

    I made my first purchase from Ebay. I got some ink for my Epson printer. They are not the OEM ink, so will see if they are good buys. Price is a lot cheaper than the stock Epson ink.

    Do you use Ebay often, and have you got some good deals from there? Any good or bad stories to tell? And is Paypal safe? I am also bidding on some software :-)

  2. i use ebay quite often..and paypal never had a prob..i empty my paypal everytime i get some cash in there and just keep a cc on file there

  3. btw here is the cheapest i have ever seen for ink http://www.everybodyneedsink.com/

  4. Paypal is pretty safe but they have been known to screw grey market companies. Freezing accounts and stuff.


  6. I sell on ebay everday from home and from my job, at home I sell jewelry, at the job my brother and I lingerie, so I am always trying to find hot chicks to model my stuff for me! ....LOL, somebody has to do it

  7. oh boy....i use ebay too often. from supplements, to clothes, to electronics. never a problem with paypal and receiving my goods. Sage

  8. Both are great companies to deal with IMO, i have never had a problem with either one.

  9. That's good to hear. There are some complaints, just like people complain about Primerica Financials, but I guess there bound to be unhappy people no matter where you go.

  10. hmmm well if theres so many people on here that use ebay..anybody other than me a seller? wanna help one another out? u know we could all selll stuff get a few of us to bid on each others stuff to push the real bidderrs higher..lol gets ya thinking huh?

  11. if they find out you are doing that you will get banned. i knew a guy that was selling his car and he had no reserve. he didnt quite get what he wanted so he made a new account and bid on it. someone reported him and that was all she wrote. it is a good idea tho, but then all the good buys would disappear.


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