Court Denies Bid to Shut Down File-Swapping Services Morpheus, Grokster

  1. Court Denies Bid to Shut Down File-Swapping Services Morpheus, Grokster

    Court Rejects Suit Against Web Song-Swappers

    (Reuters) - A federal court denied a request to shut down Internet song-swapping services Grokster and Morpheus on Friday, handing a stunning setback to the record labels and movie studios that have sought to curb unauthorized downloading of their works. U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Wilson said the two services should not be shut down because they cannot control what is traded over their systems. Like a videocassette recorder, the software in question could be used for legitimate purposes as well as illicit ones, he said. "It is undisputed that there are substantial noninfringing uses for (the) Defendants' software," wrote Wilson, who serves in Los Angeles. More...

  2. AWSOME! Glad to see their not kneeling down and blowing the record company. Chalk one up for the little guys.

  3. Yes but:

    If your going to trade music, be careful...
    Big brother IS watching (and recording these days.) I hate the RIAA and big business as much as anyone, but the fact is: you are breaking the law. So, protect yourself if you choose to do so.

    P2P will never die though. It will become encrypted and decoupled from centralized control. It's amazing that the RIAA is too dumb to realize this and use P2P to their advantage. Ahh well.. ignorance is bliss.

  4. So my downloading "Grandma's New Poolboy" can't be forsaken!

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