What's your favourite training video?

  1. What's your favourite training video?

    For me it's Ronnie Coleman the Unbelievable and Markus Ruhl Made In Germany. The size of Markus's chest in his video is just insane, he's a beast to say the least. And Coleman's strength is inspiring. Oh and just a heads up save your money and don't get his video On The Road, i got it at his seminar and i got it signed so that's cool but the video is no where near as good as his other ones.

  2. thanks for the heads up on the new coleman vid bro. My fav. training vids are The cost of Redemtion, and the unbelievable. Jay cutlers new improved and beyond is pretty good as well, but nothing compares to Ronnies videos.

  3. I've always loved the Battle for the Olympia dvds. They pack alot of great workout footage. As far as individual tapes, my favorites include Shawn Rays Countdown and Levrone's MMM.

  4. Ya Leverone's MMM is good, Ruhl's newest is friggin awesome if you haven't seen it u should. Dorian Yate's Blood and Guts is another REALLY hardcore vid.

  5. The only training video I own is craig titus version 2.0?

    Its strange because it makes me want to use lots of steroids but does not actually motivate me to train at all.

  6. Ronnie's Road to redemption is pretty good


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