Free Gold’s Gym One Year Membership

  1. Free Gold’s Gym One Year Membership

    Free Gold’s Gym One Year Membership - with participation in their promo at you can get Free Gold’s Gym One Year Membership. I think I am going to go through to see if it works - anyone else tried this before?

  2. yes - it's pretty cheap you pay a monthly maintanence fee though - $20-$40 a month depending on the location/facility so it's not really a "1-year free deal" - sure sounds nice though.

  3. nothing is ever free i belong to golds and there is nothig free

  4. I am lucky enough that our company pays for half of our membership plus half of our spouses membership to.

    Its like 10.00 a month for me or 20 a month for both of us. Pretty smokin deal..

  5. uhhh, how bout a link?

  6. you can get ipods, minimacs, sony plasma flatscreens and other **** like that for yes some things are free.

    my neighbor just got a free ipod from up ipod freepay on takes some work though...and it IS LEGIT.


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