Military/Police and Fire Drug Restrictions

  1. Military/Police and Fire Drug Restrictions

    I was thinking about this yesterday and it really started to make me think.

    I was looking around on google but didnít find what I was really looking for or just a taste of what it was. I was watching BUDs training (Navy Seals) on the military channel and as with many of the branches of military training (maybe this more I donít want to comment never doing any) some of the most demanding and intense training imaginable. Now watching recruits work on nearly no energy and probably pure adrenaline I began to think what the policies were for substances that would aid in there training and performance.

    Iím not necessarily talking about AAS or anything like that but more along the lines of the more accessible supplements for example a Stimulant X, Jet Fuel, or any stimulant like supplement for energy in such harsh conditions.

    Furthermore supplements like X-Factor, Powerful or anything along these lines what would the consequences be if any of these items (or above stims) were ever found in a recruits bag? I looked for military banned substances but only came across ephedrine and its sale on bases.

    I was just curious because these supplements are considered "toned" down and obviously little to none side effects but are they allowed in the military?

    This is more directed towards anyone in the military that has had experience or knowledge on it or anyone with reference to an actual banned substance list.

  2. No drugs are allowed. That type of training is like basic training. Not saying some people don't find a way to use them. I went to airborne school with some guys who just left BUDS and i've known a lot of SF, Rangers and Sappers. There's ranger pudding and placing coffee grounds in the mouth like tobacco.

    The problem with using stims like that is the food and liquid intake and the huge stress the body is under can pretty much kill ya. Most people make it through with will power and heart. You average looking guys are usually the ones who make it through those schools over the built/cut ones. The mind,heart and spirit can overcome bodily limitations any day but without those it doesn't matter what kind of physical shape the body is in. you'll never make it.

    errrr, nice tangent to your question...Short answer is no they are now allowed and are not good for you in those conditions because of the unknown elements.

  3. ^bump...

    this is talkin about training enviroments like BUDS, Boot Camp and any other "training indoctrine" schools.

    But I know in schools like Ranger or SFAS they allow you chewin tobacco, but only in limited numbers. The Army is now issuing caffeine gum to troops in "the box" to keep to awake and alert.

  4. thanks for the quick repsponse guys. I never really thought about the differentiating conditions that would be put on your body while in combination with stims or any other supplement.

    Thats pretty cool that you got to meet with some BUDs guys after there traininf Jay, and the comment about the really in shape vs "normal" guys is very true. I found that the men dropping out of Buds on the military documentary were just that the bigger more muscular guys and the smaller ones were putting a amazing amount of heart into everything. Not to say that there werent big in shape guys who couldnt do it because many of them showd the same heart.

    thanks for the replies

  5. They were awesome! They came tofirst formation with surfboards...In Georgia One of them stole the wind sock at the top of the 250 foot tower and on the final jump one popped his main chute before exiting and rode his reserve in.

    Staying awake is less important health wise than speeding up calorie burning. A lot of these guys come back after training with cellulitis(sp). You definately have to know your body before going so you know its limitations.

  6. I think i'd be slipping myself some test suspension, lol.

  7. I have done Ranger and completed SFAS training, do not get caught with anything that is not on your packing list for that school or you will be booted out. The big guys tend to have the hardest time, IMO, they tend to not have the endurance, they have the strength

  8. what is ranger pudding?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldIsMyIdol
    what is ranger pudding?
    Pudding mix, crackers, sugar, water and sometimes coffee grinds.

    Take whatever you can out of your MRE and make a surprise snack.


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