Just got a wooden cupboard from the curb!

  1. Just got a wooden cupboard from the curb!

    Hey gang, my dad (who has below-average intelligence) just picked up a wooden cupboard from off the streets. It looks okay and can probably hold quite a few books. Umm.. is there anything I should be worried about in terms of, uh, bringing in insects and all that stuff? It's sitting near my bed at the moment.

  2. I dont think there would be any problems, unless you can visibly see bugs? Enjoy your find

  3. I say set it outside and lysol the living hell out of it...
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  4. There's a reason someone set it on the curb. Sterilize it.

  5. I would dissolve it in BA/BB and then filter through a Whatman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    I would dissolve it in BA/BB and then filter through a Whatman.

  7. I'd shoot it with an uzzi.

  8. man, I thought it was a good find myself but uh, there were ants crawling all around outside the cracks and stuff... they're just ants. I don't have any food in my room but it took a while lugging that thing down. I'll get some lysol and open up the window hehe

  9. This thread is odd...

    How random. And I say odd as a good thing, because I imagined you and your dad so happy about this find and lugging it down the street with ants all over you. I laughed at you...

    Glad you came to AM.com for advise tho... :bb2:


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