Web hosting/design?

  1. Web hosting/design?

    I am starting a bussiness and the one key thing i'm missing is a great website, i have a medium buget thinking 300-700 i need someone to help design/host?

    What can people reccomend me?

    Big thanks
    Dr liftalot

  2. What kind of business?

  3. rentacoder.com

    VERY good designers and DIRT cheap(about 20% of what a large designer will charge). Just make sure you learn a little bit about what you want so you know what to ask for.

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  4. Opening a DJ bussiness its taken months to get everything together, i've been in the bussiness as a independent contracter for years but seeing how some of the big boys took each other out and misforunt has hit them, Now is my opertunity to go big.

    That being said, i have videos and pictures i want hosted.

    Looks like a intresting website, will they do the designing/hosting for you?

  5. I host one of my web sites at ITX Designes. The pricve is fair and they are always up. For design you could save your self a few bucks and learn to do it yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it's really not that hard.

    I ask about what kind of business because if you are thinking of resale then I like Yahoo. Very easy and if you learn HTML you can dress it up a bit. For information only I would stick with a good host and try it on my own at first. There are a lot of web builders that will take you for a ride.

    There also some very good and honest ones. Learning how to build one helped me in finding the more honest ones.



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