intervention- how to get the job done?

  1. intervention- how to get the job done?

    back story-

    man's been my best friend for the past 13 years.. and i'm only 20. he's been through the ups and downs in my life and never once said no when i asked him for help. he's like a brother. he's family. we went to different schools for a while, but ended up at the same college, UT Knoxville- GO VOLS! (sorry, had to.. football season is comin' up and i can't wait!)

    now the problem-
    i lost touch with my friend for this past semester. we were both busy in our own little worlds i guess. anyhow- seems that he got caught up in some things that have left him teetering on the edge. he's admitted to his addictions and what's keeping him from living a clean life. yet he still continues to use. he said he wants to quit but just doesn't know how. i suggested cold turkey as i did when i had to make a choice a while back. that wasn't an option- he won't even ween himself off of it.

    so my question is-
    how can i get him off his addiction before i lose the guy who's supposed to be the best man when i get married and vice versa? intervention with his family and a few close friends is an idea that i've been thinkin' abt. but how should it be done? i dont' want to make him feel like he's messed it all up and it can't be undone or feel like he's being looked down upon. i just want to make sure he gets better before it's too late.


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  2. I'm going to take a guess about what he's using but if you're planning to force him to go cold turkey you're gonna want to keep him more or less sedated until it's out of his system, otherwise he's gonna be in pain.

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