for BDC ... READ

  1. for BDC ... READ

    wtf dude!! i saw your site was down to. i got an email that psychz, lost my got damn WHOLE SITE and cant get it back so far. what about you, did you have the same trouble ? what they tell you ?

  2. Well, I'm semi-dedicted so I didn't lose my site (man, I'd have to kick somebody's ass if I did).

    They never told me an explanation...just turned it back on. 


  3. Angry

    ya wtf he told me he'd give me a free month ... for ?? what do i have to show for that extra month if i dont have a site anymore. i went to backup my site 4 days ago for it not to come up, then i found out it got erased i was pissed.... still am til its up like it was before it got erased.... if that ever happens.



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