Ironically after posting this picture in humor, today I come across this news on NPR. I am unsure if the picture I posted is two black men being hung. Likely, based on the setting (Civil/Revolutionary War time), I would not be surprised if it were two black me. It is also probably not related to the story I posted.

I was moved by the story of James Cameron, and further convicted of how insensitive the posting of that picture could have been due to 'ignorance' on my part. I don't know if anyone, black or white or otherwise, is even aware of the story of James Cameron. But at times I am amazed at how uncivilized we are not too far into the distant past.

So out of respect for the diversity of the board and friends I am closing that thread. Know that I would never intend to instigate anything of that nature. I would like to discuss this man some more later today. I am at work and limited access.