someone with knowledge of the law?

  1. someone with knowledge of the law?

    ok, back in 1996 when I was 17 I got a careless driving ticket, and 90 hours community service.  This was to be performed in 4 hr increments only on saturdays.  I just get a letter in the mail today saying I owe 12 hours, and I should report immediately or face consequences.  &nbsp ;


    WTF, there has to be some kind of time limit.  I am positive I had completed all 90 hours, i mean it was about 8 yrs ago.  I would think in order for them to win their case they would need to have all records of EVERY saturday communitry service performed from 1996 to present. 


    anyone with some insight, would be appreciated.  I am going to fight this, no way am I doing this bull ****.




  2. Don't you have a log of all hours you worket, sign in sheet, etc?

    If you're defenite you've done all hours, tell them to go **** themselves in the kindest manor.

  3. I dont have a log, why would I . I had to sign in this notepad when i came, and also sign on a sheet of paper. They give you no proof you attended nor do they give you a letter of completion? Plus it was 8 damn years ago, I put this **** behind me a long time ago.

  4. You do the crime, you do the time.

  5. Bro, the statute of limitations should be up for something as minor as that. I'd check into just to make sure they don't pull your liscense or registration because of it, but it's probably their mistake.

  6. Probably an accounting error. An signed letter stating that you completed the required time will almost certainly be enough. If you want you can probably find a solo practicioner in the phone book that'll write the letter for you for cheap.
    I don't see a statute of limitations problem. That pertains to the time after a crime that charges can be brought, not how long they can give you to finish your sentence.

  7. there is nothing you can do (at least not in texas)

    I got 300 hours a few years ago. They ended up making me do around 350 . Even though my records showed that I did 300 it didnt matter.

    I hear it happens all the time.


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